Common and Uncommon Symptoms Of Automobile Injuries

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Many of our patients don’t understand why they are in so much pain following a car crash.

“It was just a minor collision,” is what we hear most often.

But your body can still experience serious injury even after a relatively minor car collision.

The reason is simple. During a crash, your head is often whipped around, many times violently, and that can injure your cervical spine.

For so-called minor crashes, your ligaments can become sprained, which can lead to chronic pain and disability. That’s why getting treatment as soon after the accident as possible is critical.

Early treatment is the best way to prevent long term symptoms!

Chiropractic adjustments are effective in assisting your body to restore normal function to the central nervous system, which controls all your bodily systems. And it does it all without drugs or surgery.


Common Pain Symptoms from A Collision

Symptoms vary widely with vehicle collisions, but here are some of the more common ones: Chiropractor Staunton

Low Back Pain—Many of our patients are surprised that they have low back pain following a car crash. But again, your body is subjected to massive stress and strain and your back can easily pay the price.

Jaw Pain—Although a common symptom of car crashes, it can be tricky to diagnose because jaw pain symptoms don’t appear immediately after the injury because it originates in damaged neck tissues.

Neck Pain—When you experience a car crash, the force of a crash is more severe than what a fighter pilot experiences. In fact, head restraints weren’t originally developed for automobiles. They were developed for fighter pilots to prevent the kind of injury you now have!

Headache—Headaches from a car crash are divided into four categories: cervicogenic headache, tension headache, migraine, and brain injury. Read more about the categories here. To successfully treat headaches, I first have to get to the source of the problem.

Shoulder Pain—Shoulder joints are very complex, so there are many ways that an auto accident can affect them. Treatment depends on whether the shoulder took a direct hit or the pain was secondary to a neck injury. Either way, rest assured, I will determine the cause and work to get you better!


Family Chiropractic: Uncommon Pain Symptoms Resulting from Car Crashes

Arm Pain Chiropractic Staunton VaDizziness—Dizziness, or vertigo, has many causes, but dizziness following an auto accident is generally caused by a neck injury. Most people don’t realize that the neck and cervical spine play an important role with your balance. A car crash can seriously disrupt that!

Radicular Pain—This is pain that radiates from one part of your body to another. It’s caused by the pinching together of the spinal nerves. You feel tingling, numbness, and general pain in a completely different part of the body. In fact, you may not even associate what you’re experiencing as a result of your car accident.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome—Your neck and shoulder house bundles of nerves and blood vessels. After a car accident, this vast passageway, called the thoracic outlet, become compressed due to forced trauma. This condition can appear in many different ways, such as tingling, neck, should and arm pain, numbness in the fingers, impaired circulation or discolored extremities caused by a flushing sensation.

Bottom line...

Every person is different! That’s why it’s important to get chiropractic treatment as soon as possible.  I’ll take your history and perform a careful exam to to pinpoint the real cause of your symptoms.

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